Door County Hotel Wishes a Fond Farewell to their Waterfront Dock

Door County Hotel Dock Removal on the Beach

Glidden Lodge Beach Resort wishes a fond farewell to our Door County waterfront dock on Lake Michigan. It was a difficult but necessary decision to remove the dock as it had reached the end of its useful life and was beginning to break down after the many years of beautiful Lake Michigan waterfront sunrises, cresting waves, and lake winds. It’s hard to believe that next time you stop in or drive by you will not see the old pier resting in between Glidden Lodge Beach Resort and Donny’s Glidden Lodge Restaurant. It was a steadfast Door County landmark on the water that locals and tourists enjoyed over the years from their own childhood memories to creating vacation memories for their own children. As they say there is a time for everything and it was time to let this historic Door County landmark go. The dock lounged in the water breaking the Lake Michigan waves along the shoreline and welcoming romantic walks between lovers. Fond memories of wedding parties and children casting their first fishing line into Lake Michigan waters will always remain. The dock will be missed, but Door County’s Lake Michigan shoreline is still beautiful with its pristine uninterrupted shoreline. We welcome everyone to come visit one of the top rated Door County hotels and resorts that is open year round. The Door County beach is calling your name and our luxurious waterfront inn is just the place to close your eyes after a glorious day exploring all that Door County, Wisconsin has to offer.

Door County Resort Dock Removal on Lake Michigan Beach


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