Near Record Great Lakes Water Levels

With Lake Michigan water levels reaching an all-time high, the beach at Glidden Lodge Beach Resort has been affected as have other properties along the Lake Michigan shoreline. The Great Lakes have a cycle in which water levels fluctuate over time.  When the Lake’s water levels are lower, guests enjoy Glidden Lodge Beach Resort’s 700 lineal foot private, sand beach.  With the current higher water levels parts of our beach are underwater.  On a positive note, we still have our shallow sandy swim beach which extends out 100-200 feet into the Lake. And once the water level recedes, we will regain our generous sand beach once again. 

Guests can still enjoy our tastefully appointed condos all overlooking Lake Michigan with its ever-changing shoreline and rejuvenating waves.  With the Niagara Escarpment, which runs along our shoreline, we have our own private “Cave Point” where the waves crash onto the rock shelves on the south end of our property. You can enjoy the Lake from your unit or from our lawn where, as always, our beach loungers will overlook Lake Michigan and beach vacations will continue just like the cycle of the Great Lakes water levels.  We look forward to your stay!

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