The Northern Lights and Aurora Borealis in Door County, Wisconsin

Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights in Door County, Wisconsin

For many the northern lights are a sought after sight to behold and the effect on the night skies can be both magical and colorful. Door County might not be as famous as other Aurora Borealis tourist destinations but when the conditions are right the majesty of the northern lights appears. This year photographers around Wisconsin have gotten some beautiful shots of the northern lights and the scientists predict there will be more frequent light shows to come in the Wisconsin area in the upcoming years.

Glidden Lodge Beach Resort is situated in Door County which can be a great location to view the northern lights from when they make an appearance. Door County doesn’t have the light pollution that exists in bigger cities and because of that the night skies are a bit darker and the stars brighter and more plentiful. It also allows one to see the famous aurora borealis when conditions are right. The miles of shoreline and less inhabited areas make for great northern lights viewing conditions. Aurora Borealis occurs when waves of charged particles emitted by the sun make contact with atoms and molecules in the earth’s upper atmosphere and when they are bright they can be seen at night from many miles away. Recommendations for best viewing are to get away from sources of light and to find an unobstructed view facing north. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to predict the occurrence of northern lights, however the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration does have a 30 minute forecast available as well as a viewing timeline and occasionally predictions of northern lights sightings are in the news.

Starry Night Skies at Glidden Lodge Beach Resort in Door County, Wisconsin

Even if you aren’t privileged with a view of the aurora borealis the sunrises at Glidden Lodge Beach Resort are breathtaking as are the clear starry night skies. Glidden Lodge Beach Resort is great location to stay if you’re seeking the Wisconsin view of the northern lights or starry night skies and unlike some other hotels and lodging options Glidden Lodge Beach Resort is conveniently open year-round. Make your stay worthwhile with the added amenities of a pool and fitness room. In addition Glidden Lodge Beach Resort is located near some popular attractions in Door County such as Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park. Make Glidden Lodge your Door County destination year round.

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